Books of 2015

These are the books I read in 2015, according to my Goodreads account. I put an asterisk (*) next to the ones I loved a lot. I read 82 books, including 10 poetry books.

A Little Lumpen Novelita (Bolaño)
Martian Time-Slip (Philip K. Dick)
***The Wonder Spot (Melissa Bank) [re-read; an all-time fave]
*Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut) [re-read; an absolute classic]
*Family Life (Akhil Sharma)
 (Jonathan Franzen)
Public library and other stories (Ali Smith)
A Death in the Family (Karl Ove Knausgård)
Far From the Madding Crowd (Thomas Hardy)
Under the Net (Iris Murdoch)
Slade House (David Mitchell)
The End of the Affair (Graham Greene)
*Sisters by a River (Barbara Comyns)
*The Story of the Lost Child (Elena Ferrante)
The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (John Le Carré)
*****The Accidental (Ali Smith) [reread]
*We Don’t Know What We’re Doing (Thomas Morris)
*The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse (Iván Repila)
Night Train (Martin Amis)
Summer Will Show (Sylvia Townsend Warner)
The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler)
A View of the Harbor (Elizabeth Taylor)
The Postman Always Rings Twice (James M. Cain)
Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie)
A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara)
*A Place of Greater Safety (Hilary Mantel)
*Pnin (Nabokov)
Ban en Banlieue (Bhanu Kapil)
*All My Puny Sorrows (Miriam Toews)
The Lost Daughter (Elena Ferrante)
Troubling Love (Elena Ferrante)
The Buried Giant (Kazuo Ishiguro)
*10:04 (Ben Lerner)
The Wallcreeper (Nell Zink)
When Mystical Creatures Attack! (Kathleen Founds)
*The First Bad Man (Miranda July)
Bobcat (Rebecca Lee)
Devotion (Dani Shapiro)
*The End of the Story (Lydia Davis)
Shantytown (César Aira)
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (Karen Joy Fowler)
Zone (Mathias Énard)
The Blade Itself (Joe Abercrombie)
Conversations (Cesar Aira)
Señor Que No Conoce La Luna (Evelio Rosero)
*The Days of Abandonment (Elena Ferrante)
Bloodlines (Marcello Fois)
*Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (Elena Ferrante)
*The Story of a New Name (Elena Ferrante)
*The Musical Brain (César Aira)
A Spool of Blue Thread (Anne Tyler)
Reasons to Stay Alive (Matt Haig)
Look Who’s Back (Timur Vermes)
Tiger Milk (Stefanie De Velasco)
While the Gods Were Sleeping (Erwin Mortier)
F (Daniel Kehlmann)
The Last Lover (Can Xue)
By Night the Mountain Burns (Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel)
The Ravens (Tomas Bannerhed)
In the Beginning Was the Sea
(Tomás González)
The Dead Lake (Hamid Ismailov)
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (Haruki Murakami)
The Silence of the Lambs (Thomas Harris) [reread]
*My Brilliant Friend (Elena Ferrante)
The Devil Underground (Nadja Drost)
*The Serialist (David Gordon)
The Scatter Here Is Too Great (Bilal Tanweer)
Young Skins (Colin Barrett)
*The End of Days (Jenny Erpenbeck)
Wallflowers (Eliza Robertson) [beautiful & bad-ass writing!]
Dept of Speculation (Jenny Offil)
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher (Hilary Mantel) [especially “Comma“]

The Book of Joshua (Zachary Schomburg)
*The Art of Falling (Kim Moore)
Alien vs. Predator (Michael Robbins)
Come On All Ye Ghosts (Matthew Zapruder)
Trances of the Blast (Mary Ruefle)
*Fjords vol. 1 (Zachary Schomburg)
Scary, No Scary (Zachary Schomburg)
*Sorrow Arrow (Emily Kendal Frey)
Stag’s Leap (Sharon Olds)
Lunch Poems (Frank O’Hara)

[RE]READ FOR FUN: Men at Arms, Feet of Clay (Terry Pratchett), Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Card), A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons (George R.R. Martin)

I didn’t keep good track of books I started but didn’t finish this year, but off the top of my head I can say I read significant amounts of  Middlemarch (George Eliot), Story of My Teeth (Valeria Luiselli), My Documents (Alejandro Zambra), Blue Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson), The Unknown University (Roberto Bolaño) and God Help the Child (Toni Morrison). These are all books I enjoyed and would be interested in eventually completing. I wonder if I’m getting stricter in my reading–I’m less likely to abandon books mid-way through than I used to be, simply because if it doesn’t hold my interest early on, I don’t bother.

To see books read from 2009-2015, click here.

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