SALT’s Best British Short Stories 2015

I have two short stories–“Lucky,” originally published by Lighthouse, and “The Tourists,” published as a pamphlet by Daunt Books–included in Salt Publishing’s Best British Short Stories anthology. It’s edited by the epically great Nicholas Royle and other authors include Hilary Mantel, Helen Simpson, Jonathan Gibbs and KJ Orr. You can currently get it for 20% off (using code BBSS15) here or on Amazon. You can also read a review in the Guardian if you’re curious.

I also have a short story, “Lemon Pie,” in the just-released issue of Shooter Magazine. I worked for a long time on this story (it’s about aliens, Colombia and kidnapping, among other things) and was over the moon (to put it mildly) that Shooter Magazine gave it a home. I don’t know what I would do without publications like them, or Lighthouse and Daunt Books–places that make a point out of giving early-career writers a chance. Blessed be.

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