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Writing updates & questions for THE UNIVERSE

Here is a quick round-up of writing-related updates:

* I had a story called “Kurt Cobain’s Son” published earlier this year in the second Words & Women anthology. I’ve always liked this anthology series and its mission, and I’m so happy some of my writing found “a home” there (so to speak). You can read more about the organization Words & Women here and vote for them in the Saboteur awards here.

* I have a piece up at Litro, “Five Men from the Border,” a fictional story with non-fictional elements. This is an old story that I polished for resubmission. Again, I’m really happy that it found a home.

* I have a short story, “Third Date,” published in the just-released Issue 11 of SAND Journal, based in Berlin. This story was really fun to write, and I’m super looking forward to getting my print copy in the mail.

* Finally I have a piece forthcoming in Shooter Literary Magazine, which seems like an awesome publication, not in the least because they make a point of paying their contributors. They’ll be publishing a story I wrote called “Lemon Pie,” which is part of the novel/hybrid collection that I’ve been working on for the past two (three? four??) years.

What else? I am going to Cornwall in May to write in a caravan, like Toad in The Wind in the Willows (though I guess Toad had cushy Toad Hall to go back to, haha). I leave in June for the U.S., will spend some time in San Diego/Tijuana, head to L.A. for an epic wedding, two weeks in Portland, usual summer camp stint in Pennsylvania, back to the UK in August, then off to Colombia in September for the Medellín book festival. Things, things, things. I am this, I do that, I go there, I come here. What does it all mean? How does it matter? What would my Portuguese fishermen ancestors think, frowning thoughtfully as their little boats bob up and down in the turbulent surf? What about my futuristic great-great-great x10 grandchildren, with their alien slime and hologram souls, their iphone minds and Interstellar-like abilities? Is it bad that I’ve mostly been reading guilt-trip fantasy novels lately? Am I going to stay in England next year? Live somewhere else? Who am I, who-where-what am I going to be, where are we going, where have we been? Is a long list of “things” that I am doing/have done enough to answer that question? Is that all it takes to present/define/become yourself as a person?

For the time being, it’s enough for me to know I’ve got the Portuguese fishermen ancestors and hologram soul great-grandchildren on my side, no matter what. That is some Tree of Life, time-traveling, Kurt Vonnegut short story truth.

One does not simply make a blog post about ALL OF THE THINGS.

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