My pamphlet with Daunt Books was released today!

It’s called “The Tourists,” it’s set in Colombia and here is the cover:



You can get it here or on Amazon. Please consider checking it out; I’d be VERY honored… :)

Que emoción, no??!

And now here is a poem by Franz Wright (love the last line…):

Publication Date

One of the few pleasures of writing
is the thought of one’s book in the hands of a kind-hearted
intelligent person somewhere. I can’t remember what the
     others are right now.
I just noticed that it is my own private

National I Hate Myself and Want to Die Day
(which means the next day I will love my life
and want to live forever). The forecast calls
for a cold night in Boston all morning

and all afternoon. They say
tomorrow will be just like today,
only different. I’m in the cemetery now
at the edge of town, how did I get here?

A sparrow limps past on its little bone crutch saying
I am Federico Garcia Lorca
risen from the dead–
literature will lose, sunlight will win, don’t worry.



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3 responses to “THE TOURISTS

  1. Congratulations, Julianne! By the way, I enjoy your blog but I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before. Best of luck with your writing career, but I hope you don’t get so successful that you won’t be able to have time to write for the blog anymore (well, not too soon anyway). All best.

    • julikins

      WOW, thank you. I have enjoyed your blog for years and am so honored to have you comment. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on yours either because I am bad at that kind of stuff… but anyway, thank you so much and keep up the good work!!

      • Thanks a bunch for your very kind words–I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten something out of the blog, esp. since we seem to have some tastes in common. ¡Saludos!

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