Books of 2013

These are the books I’ve read in 2013, according to my Goodreads account. I put an asterisk (*) next to the ones I liked a lot. The total number of books I read was 86, the best year I’ve had since 2009, when I first started keeping track.

The Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood)
***A Naked Singularity (Sergio de la Pava)
Black Vodka (Deborah Levy)
Tenth of December (George Saunders)
*All Dogs Are Blue (Rodrigo De Souza Leao)
MaddAddam (Margaret Atwood)
White Out: The Secret Life of Heroin (Michael W. Clune)
The Childhood of Jesus (JM Coetzee)
Open City (Teju Cole)
By the Sea (Abdulrazak Gurnah)
The Castle (Kafka) – read back in high school
*May We Be Forgiven (A.M. Homes)
Micro (Michael Crichton)
The Periodic Table (Primo Levi)
Summer Blonde (Adrian Tomine)
Shoplifting from American Apparel (Tao Lin)
*Olive Kitteridge (Elizabeth Strout)
The Illustrated Man (Ray Bradbury)
***Runaway (Alice Munro)
*NW (Zadie Smith)
Winesburg, Ohio (Sherwood Anderson)
Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays (Zadie Smith)
Anagrams (Lorrie Moore)
The Book of My Lives (Aleksander Hemon)
Other Stories and Other Stories (Ali Smith) – “The hanging girl” is one of the best short stories I’ve ever read!
More Terrible Than Death: Drugs, Violence, and America’s War in Colombia(Robin Kirk)
The Emigrants (W.G. Sebald)
The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (Philip Pullman)
The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira (Cesar Aira)
***Hawthorn & Child (Keith Ridgway)
I Capture the Castle (Dodie Smith)
A Winter Book (Tove Jansson)
Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)
*Oblivion (David Foster Wallace)
Feed (M.T. Anderson)
V for Vendetta (Alan Moore)
*What I Talk About When I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Haruki Murakami)
Herland (Charlotte Perkins Gilman)
In Persuasion Nation (George Saunders)
CivilWarLand in Bad Decline (George Saunders)
The War of the End of the World (Mario Vargas Llosa)
*Bring Up the Bodies (Hilary Mantel)
*Wolf Hall (Hilary Mantel)
*The Summer Book (Tove Jansson)
*The She-Devil in the Mirror (Horacio Moya Castellanos)
The Father Thing: The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick #3 (Philip K. Dick)
Beyond Bogotá: Diary of a Drug War Journalist in Colombia (Garry Leech)
In Evil Hour (Gabriel García Márquez)
Memories of my Melancholy Whores
 (Gabriel García Márquez)
***Hypothermia (Alvaro Enrigue)
Beyond Lies the Wub: The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick #1 (Philip K. Dick)
Down By the River: Drugs, Money, Murder, and Family (Charles Bowden)
*The Armies (Evelio Rosero)
The Sense of an Ending (Julian Barnes)
***One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez) [re-read]
Amy’s Eyes (Richard Kennedy) [re-read] (children’s book)
Little House on the Prairie series (Laura Ingallas Wilder) [re-read]
My Colombian War: A Journey Through the Country I Left Behind (Silvana Paternostro)
*Artful (Ali Smith)
The Secret of Evil (Roberto Bolaño)
Free Love and Other Stories (Ali Smith)
Heliopolis (James Scudamore)
The Art of Subtext (Charles Baxter)
*Ghostwritten (David Mitchell)
News of a Kidnapping (Garcia Marquez) [reread]
What I Know (Andrew Cowan)
*Jacob’s Room (Virginia Woolf)
*Balancing Heaven and Earth: A Memoir of Visions, Dreams and Realizations(Robert A. Johnson)
The Voyage Out (Virginia Woolf)
After the Quake (Murakami)
The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling With D.H. Lawrence (Geoff Dyer)
There But For The (Ali Smith)
Empire of the Sun (J.G. Ballard)
Law of the Jungle: the Hunt for Colombian Guerrillas, American Hostages, and Buried Treasure (John Otis)
*The Question of Bruno (Aleksander Hemon)
Elizabeth Costello (JM Coetzee) [reread]
*The Art of Political Murder (Francisco Goldman)
***The Sound of Things Falling (Juan Gabriel Vásquez)
*Death of a Suicide (David Vann)
Child of God (Cormac McCarthy)
The Master (Colm Tóibín)
The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)
*Housekeeping (Marilynne Robinson)
Woes of the True Policeman (Bolaño)
Summertime (JM Coetze)

Books I read a significant portion of but for whatever reason (time, laziness, losing it on the bus) never technically finished (i.e. read every page): Family Ties (Clarice Lispector), Tomorrow in the Battle Think of Me (Javier Marias), The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Volume 5- Little Black Box (Philip K. Dick), The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Volume 4: The Days of Perky Pat (Dick), Tyrant Memory (Horacio Castellanos Moya), The diaries of Franz Kafka, 1914-1923 (Kafka), Montano by Enrique Villa-Matas, Best of Contemporary Mexican Fiction (edited by Alvaro Enrigue), Love and Other Obstacles (Aleksander Hemon–this was the bus victim ):)

Children’s books I reread (a favorite treat of mine!): Five Children and It, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Tom’s Midnight Garden, The Tripods trilogy, Beyond the Burning Lands trilogy, The Boy in the Dress (can’t remember the author but a really cute book!), a ton of Tintin books, a ton of Momintroll books.

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