Soundtrack 2012

I listened to this song a lot while getting dressed in my room in Portland, getting ready to go to work in Vancouver.

I listened to a LOT of Andrew Bird this year. Especially this song. How can you not love the whistling?!

This song doesn’t really apply to anything specific in my life, but boy, did I sure listen to it a lot this year.

I felt really sad when the Beastie Boy died, surprisingly so. I guess because it made me nostalgic for my youth, listening to them in Emily’s dorm room in 2005….

I listened to a lot of Florence + the Machine this year. This song was probably my favorite. It just makes me feel like I’m underwater. I was bummed that she didn’t play it live when I saw her.

Listened to this song a lot; I guess the lyric “the sun’s peeping out of the sky where there used to be only grey” was good to hear in rainy gross Portland… plus it just always made me happy!

This song will always remind me of driving in the Volvo over the bridge to Vancouver and listening to the oldies station…

The other Andrew Bird song I listened to incessantly. This was the first album I’d bought, like, in years that wasn’t either Tori Amos, Kate Bush or PJ Harvey. Gotta support the indie arts, I guess (it also helped that I finally (!!) figured out how to register on itunes….).

Not really sure what this song is about but boy I did I like listening to it this year!

My goodbye Portland song! You’re like a party somebody threw me, you taste like birthday, you look like New Year. You’re like a big parade through town–you leave such a mess, but you’re so FUN!

Easily my most listened to song of the year. Maybe even, dare I say it, my song of 2012? GUESS I GOT MY SWAGGER BACK…

Easily my #1 religious musical moment of the year. Uffff, especially the last minute…. I was a wreck this whole concert. Thank god the guy next to me shared his tissues.

The one other album I bought this year besides Andrew Bird. This song is probs my favorite off it it.

Listened to this a lot in England. Love the punk-piano vibe. Not sure what the lyrics are about but I sure do like belting out the chorus to myself.

My soundtrack to England in the rain!

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