Things I am learning about myself as a writer, slowly but surely and steadily

  1. I worry sometimes that I prefer working at night. I just feel less interrupted. No chance of phone calls, no emails, not even housemates making noises. Plus if I need to go for a walk even the streets are deserted.
  2. If I do the Golden Trinity that I’ve found is absolutely essential for my health and mental well-being (1- exercise like Jillian Michaels videos or yoga, 2- meditating and 3- writing in my journal), then it is easier for me to feel happy and productive. So rather than focusing on being productive, it’s worked better for me to focus on the Golden Trinity as my #1 priority, and then being productive arises naturally from that. *
  3. It is very difficult for me to write via typing. I usually write by hand, then type it up. Then I print everything out and read through it, editing, rewriting and moving shit around again by hand. Then I repeat. If I try to write by typing, I just feel so frozen and get stuck on the same sentences, rewriting them over and over again. Maybe this will change in time but for now that’s how it is.
  4. I have to have the Internet turned off when I’m working. I use Google Chrome’s StayFocused and turn it off for 12 hours.
  5. It is important to have treats in my house to reward myself with (especially when I REALLY deserve a hard-earned reward!). Ice cream or a mug of hot chocolate is usually the best.

*This lesson is what makes me think that bullshit about artists needing to suffer or be crazy is utter crap. Yeah, you could probably wing it for a while, but it would be so unsustainable. And who wants to go through life suffering (if they can help it)? Life is so short!!

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