I am reading this Sunday at 5pm at the Wordstock Literary Festival! I’ll be reading with a group of women also published in VoiceCatcher, a literary publication that publishes for women writers in the Pacific Northwest. This is very exciting for me as I have never really done anything like this before (i.e. reading in front of a large group of people, other than my 6-10 person writing class). I guess the last time I did something similar was during Nerd Camp (i.e. CTY), in which I read a story about a psychotic bitter clown called Bingo Bongo in the auditorium in front of all the other students–I recall it being fairly well-received : )

So there’s a first (second?) time for everything, I guess–I’m sure that I’ll be really nervous, but I feel like it’s good to do this kind of stuff now, because it just means that each consecutive time I do it, it’ll just get easier and easier!

This past Sunday I went to the VoiceCatcher release party. I was really nervous about going (classic bad social anxiety kicking in), but it turned out to be absolutely lovely. There were two women from my writing class there and it was really great to see them. I talked for a while with one of the VoiceCatcher editors and told her how wonderful it is that organizations like VoiceCatcher exist–a supportive, encouraging and most importantly nurturing community for creative women artists. I think my exact words to her were “it’s so much better than a ‘my dick is bigger than your dick’ kind of vibe.”

Anyway… I feel like I’ve kind of come a long way in my writing career. I am actually really kind of proud of myself. It all goes back to me going to my weekly writing classes way back last March, a decision that I made very much for me and me alone, NOT to please another person or because somebody told me to.

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