Exciting news

I have been PUBLISHED! Officially! For, like, the first time.

The story is called “Disposable” and you can read it online here, at Inkapture Magazine (a UK publication).

I should also use this post to mention other happy publishing-related news:

– I will have a piece, “Mrs. Bovary,” included in the 6th issue of VoiceCatcher, an anthology of women writers in the Pacific Northwest. The fact that it’s local is particularly exciting for me.

– I also had a piece called “Mt. Doom Elementary” published in the Americorps NW National Service Symposium book, which is a little collection of fiction, essays, poetry and art written by Americorps members. I’m quite frankly a little embarrassed by this story, even though my sister, her co-worker and many of my co-workers were big fans and complimented me on it. All I can say about it is that it was basically my idea of how to distill the experience of working in an elementary school, via the lens of Tolkein. I’m relieved that the piece doesn’t seem to be online anywhere on the website. Oh, well, live and learn; I’m sure Bolaño had pieces he wished would drop dead off the face of the planet as well.

I guess this means that I am living up to my New Year’s Resolution, which was to actively seek out ways to share my work more with others. Feels pretty interesting. I think this is a really good thing for me to do, as someone who suffered from anxiety about sharing my work with others for many years. God, I can’t believe how much my writing class over the past year now has helped me cope with that “fear” of judgement… it feels like a genuine miracle. And to think that it’s all been documented in this here little ol’ blog-o. What a funny, funny thing.

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