Books and Art in New York

I sauntered over to New York last weekend to pay my sister and other friends a visit. It was fun. I like travel.

Trippy walkway in Chicago airport.

Sauntered over to the Met.

Street performers, cheerful and harmonizing despite the cold.

I like modern art, even in all its "my-kid-coulda-painted-that" glory.

Saw me some Pollack. I definitely couldn't have painted that, not even as a kid.

Dali is always good.

Love Georgia O'Keefe! New Mexico must do something to artists (see Tori's "Under the Pink" as another example).

I'm pretty sure that an imitation of this used to hang in my high school library, the work of precocious students.

Earnest Norman Rockwell.

I loved this piece! It was a painting of the Connecticut landscape, and the artist had written faint sentences about moments from his life all over it.

A close-up.

More Dali. I can't decide if I like the ants crawling over the eggs or the lion with the missing face more.

I wandered into the Oceania section and found it absolutely fascinating, especially in light of my trip to Indonesia.

Such creepy Polynesian puppets!

This section made New Guinea seem like it would be fascinating to visit.

A book of Indonesian magic spells! HOW COOL IS THAT.

God knows what it says.

The Native American section was also fascinating. This was a ledger book that people would apparently draw in, imitating the ledger books they saw/acquired from passing pioneers.

I try to photograph museum text from time to time when I want to remember what it says.

The Brooklyn flea market was also awesome to visit.

Shopping cart filled with books! LOVE IT.

Old photographs for sale.

It’s been a long week. I’m excited for the weekend. I’m tired and don’t seem to be able to write in anything other than declarative sentences. Better update to come later, then.

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