My Family’s Books

Bookshelf #1 - In Hallway outside of room. General fiction.

Bookshelf #2 - My dad's in his bedroom. History, economics, and religion.

Bookshelf #3 - My brother's, in his room. Fantasy and some history.


Bookshelf #4 - The beast in the living room. My mom's Penguin Classics, general fiction, childhood books, photo albums, and another entire shelf of my dad's history books that had to be double-stacked here because they were getting eaten by termites in the other shelf.

Bookshelf #5 - Otherwise known as the one I rarely pull a book from. Enclyclopedias and huge hardcovers on the bottom shelf, with the rest being books my parents first brought to Colombia (most from grad school, I think)

Bookshelf #6 - Next to the piano in the living room. Dictionaries, guidebooks, music, poetry, Shakespeare.

Bookshelf #7 - In the tiny sideroom that stinks of the cat's litter box. More of my dad's history and non-fiction, mostly on the Civil War, China, the Middle East, and Californian Native Americans.

Bookshelf #7 - My little brother's, outside his room in the hallway. Science fiction and fantasy.

Bookshelf #7 - In the hallway by the phone. More general fiction.

Bookshelf #7-8- More by phone. #7 is obscure history and religion books of my father's that I swear to god I've never seen before. #8 is childhood fiction, self-help, health and my mother's Sharpe series.

Bookshelf #9, my mother's silly romance novels, is so far the only one in the house to have been cleared and packed away into boxes

Bookshelf #10 - MORE of my dad's agricultural science, policy, history, fiction and grad school books. My God!!

My mother claims my father once counted them all and it was over 2,000, but she thinks it may actually be more…

Now can you understand what kind of childhood I had?

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