What a lovely afternoon

So much has happened since the last time I updated that this entry is likely going to be a big splurgy mess, trying to summarize everything:

– I sprained my knee on the dance floor on Corey’s birthday night out at the Crystal Ballroom, during 80’s night. For a week I could barely walk. However, as of today I’m walking normally, and went to yoga class this morning, the first thing remotely resembling physical activity (other than walking or limping as fast as I could to the Max) that I’ve done in the past week. Hurting my knee has been a chronic injury since I first sprained it playing basketball in high school; this is at least the third time I can remember it popping out of its socket. I think I’m going to be fine. I’ll do some strength-building exercises and continue taking my housemates joint power-building vitamins (he’s a weightlifter).

– Corey and I spent four days in New Orleans for French Quarter festival. It was wonderful. I tried making a list of everything I ate but it was too long. Highlights included alligator sausage, turtle soup (delish), grilled oysters (or maybe they were clams? I dunno, but they were AMAZING), crawfish and goatcheese crepes, spicy gumbo, incredibly buttery BBQ shrimp, (“there’s some shrimp in your butter!” Corey told the cook), beignets, and an enormous crawfish and crab boil that Corey’s uncles dumped all over a table covered in newspapers (we diligently worked our way through it, occasionally sweeping the piles of carcasses we accumulated into a bucket on the floor). Basically the whole weekend belonged to thisiswhyyourefat.com. It was wonderful. I ate so much garlic it reeked through my pores for 24 hours.I forgot to pack the camera, but his mom sent Corey some photos, so maybe I’ll post those on the long-neglected travel blog.

– I was offered the Kiva Fellow position after a lengthy application process. So it looks like for 10 weeks (maybe more) in the fall Corey and I will be somewhere in Central or South America and I’ll have the chance to opportunity here. Hopefully I’ll find out about my placement as soon as possible… it hasn’t really sunk in at this point.

So here’s what the rest of the year is staring to (tentatively) look like: I’ll be leaving my current job before I journey with Corey to England for two weeks, from August 17th to September 2nd, in order to visit family for the first time in three years. From September 9th to the 20th I’m thinking about doing 10-day vipassana meditation retreat. From September 21st to the 25th I’ll need to be in San Francisco for training, and I’m thinking maybe I can cram some time a couple of days afterwards to visit friends in California (Ana? Cara? Leah and Kyndall? At least Grandma, if nothing else)…

Then I’ll need to depart for my placement any time between October 1st and the 15th (it’s pretty flexible, thankfully so). If I end up placed in South America, Corey and I still have that return ticket to Ecuador that we never ended up using, so maybe we could fly to Quito and then just bus our way to wherever. It probably won’t work out that way because our flight date will fall on a year after we bought it (September 17th ’08), so they’ll probably charge us a chazillion bucks to change it. Yuck. Well, we’ll figure it out!

This week sees the arrival of many friends visiting from afar: Los Angeles, France, Connecticut… I think my brain and heart might self-implode from happiness. Today so far: went to yoga class and did some grocery shopping, ate a yummy spinach-lettuce salad with oranges and balsamic vinegar, had a cup of super Irish english breakfast tea, read blogs about babies (don’t worry, I’m not getting any ideas, I just got trapped by how weird and alien and fascinating they were) and listened to Ani DiFranco’s latest album online. Happiness. Now it’s time for laundry…

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