I’m not looking for you to see like me, feel like me, or be like me

While I like my little routines (bread with pepperjack cheese for breakfast… making my lunch the night before… really, really hot showers), at times I’m afraid that they make my life a little monotonous, as opposed to comfortably reliable.

I really like my jobs, and maybe it’s just February (it SNOWED two days ago), but at this point working on an organic farm in Nicaragua or Honduras for an indefinite period of time is beginning to sound more and more appealing.

Aaaaand I don’t want to miss my bus.

Expect a really great entry I’ve been working on (time! where is the time?!) the Civil War and death this weekend. I like writing long book review-based entries, but that style may find itself replaced by the short sound-byte style above, 24-hour AP news cycle, for the time being… at least until I figure out how to cram more hours into my day. Depressingly enough, getting my own computer so I don’t have to use Corey’s would help.

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