I will update this again soon

I promise.

For now, let me just say that at my new job, I get to hand out smiley face stickers. I carry them around in my back pocket while working, and in my purse when I’m not. As a result, I now have smiley face stickers over almost everything in my purse. I find myself pulling out random things like my passport or Betty Boop wallet, only to see yellow or pink smiley faces stuck in odd angles all over them. It amuses me :)

Things I will need to update about:
– trip to Vancounver (most likely on silly travel blog)
– my new job, what I do (in disguised ambiguous language, in order to preserve anonymity), what it’s like working with so many kids in such a high-paced environment and what it makes me think about what it felt like to be a kid and kids in general
– Part I of Don Quixote and Dreams of My Father, depending on which one I finish first
– I’d like to do A-Day-in-the-Life entry, now that my schedule is somewhat stable

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