"The well-educated unemployed"

Wow, I guess I know what I am now. “This is very strong evidence that this recession is very hard on college grads, more than usual.” Glad it’s not just me. This following quote really hit home:

“It’s really grim, and almost everyone I know who was at my level is unemployed,” Ms. Lambie, 29, said. She said she hopes to land at another firm in the city, but added, “If a really interesting opportunity came along in, say, Argentina, I’d jump on it.”

In the meantime, Ms. Lambie is trying to get by on a weekly unemployment check of $405, which she said is “definitely not enough.”

I mean, I’m technically not unemployed. I have a job. You might even say I have two of them (before the semester ended at the other elementary school I worked at, I had three). However, it’s “definitely not enough.” And unfortunately, Christmas break is fast approaching. Whereas before that meant fun happy playtime, now it just means no work until January 12th, when the after school program kicks in again. And I like/need work. Especially if I’m applying to go back to school this fall.

Which means it’s time to start looking for something with better pay, better hours and a better chance of mobility up the employment totem pole. Or maybe I’ll just go to Argentina.

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