I am so extraordinarily sleepy right now. Corey and my younger brother are out fishing on the Morro Bay rocks. We scanned everything that seemed remotely relevant on the internet and couldn’t find any fishing, clamming or crabbing laws (apparently in the 70’s the limit was 25 pounds of clams–25 pounds!!), so we’ve just been taking what we need.

I read somewhere on the NY Times that one of the keys to making a good, readable blog is making sure to include lots of links to other places. Here goes, I guess.

1) Only 7,000 words to go for nanowrimo, which ends today in 23 hours. I’m going to be one of those people uploading it at 11:55pm, basically (hopefully I’ll be able to upload it a *little* earlier than that…).

2) I’m really enjoying reading Phillip K. Dick’s Valis right now. After reading the first few pages, I was shocked at how Vonnegut-esque it sounded–I guess I have memories of “The Man in the High Castle” and “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” as being very somber, dark and serious.

3) I’ve started doing the one hundred push-ups program again, after getting to Week 5 and then drifting away thanks to getting involved with silly things such as moving back to the U.S. and finding a job. I only just figured out that I did the wrong column today. No wonder my arms felt like jelly afterwards.

I’m watching a replay of the Raptors-Lakers game where Kobe Bryant scored 81 points (apparently now considered a “classic”) and I’m about to pad silently upstairs eat a piece of my grandma’s mince pie. Life is good.

Thanksgiving in Morro Bay was as good as always, this time around with the interesting variation of Corey’s presence. My grandparents are 91 and 84, respectively. They’re pretty mobile, all things considering. I mean, they took the train to Portland for my graduation, and then went to San Diego (in a separate, charter trip) and saw Sea World and stuff.

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