Peace and goodness glowing

Sitting on the Lay-Z-Boy with my feet up, drinking an icy cold banana and strawberry juice–delicious, sweet and perfect. It’s so sunny and beautiful outside right now that it’s a shame I’m snuggled in here–the air has that kind of crisp coldness to it that reminds me of England.

Things really couldn’t be better right now. I saw my mother and young bro off this morning, and while I enjoyed their visit, it’s nice for it to be back to Corey and I again. This morning I went to my first yoga class, at this little nearby studio in Sellwood that only takes 15-20 minutes to bike to (depending how ferociously I pedal). I think yoga is going to be very good for me… I mean, my adviser told me to take it, for goodness sakes, so I obviously have to follow his advice, right? (I’ll skip on the steak-eating part, though). Not just for stress, but also my body is pretty darn inflexible. I’m looking forward to see what changes take place over the next 4 weeks. I got a beginner’s package of unlimited classes for 4 weeks, and even though I’m working in the afternoon/evenings I still have mornings free, so hopefully I’ll get to go at least three times a week. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or if yoga is really THAT effective or what, but I feel incredibly calm and peaceful and centered right now. It might also be due to the fact that I’m doing a cleanse this week (the timing just felt right), hence the juice in my belly and the carrot juice jug in the fridge. I’m glad I’m taking care of my body. Biking has been fantastic but I need something else, you know?

The topic sentence of the previous paragraph bears repeating: things really couldn’t be better right now. We made our biggest profit yet at the Milwaukie farmer’s market today (every week we’ve doubled it), and next week is the last market, so it’s bound to be crazy (especially if the weather is nice, *crosses fingers*). I get to spend time with my friends at bars, at Saturday night dinners at my house which have officially become a weekly tradition. I just read that Powell is backing Obama (surprise? Uhh… no). Last week’s lessons went really well and I feel like an actual teacher. Other things are looking pleasingly promising, but I don’t want to talk about them just yet because I don’t want to jinx things. *knocks wood* Now I’m going to finish my juice, make some herbal tea, put on my warm fuzzy socks from Ecuador, and then indulge in any or all of my sweet, silly comfort foods: watching an episode of “House M.D.”, watching high stakes or world series poker online (shutup it’s addictive, especially once you start recognizing people and their personalities), or finishing “Finding George Orwell in Burma” (a most engaging and interesting book).

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  1. Orange, Squashed By Dirty Boot

    Oh sorry I thought you meant you were reading the George Orwell book of essays. I didn’t know a Lay-Z-Boy existed, I thought it was just something Jay-Z made up in his lyrics.

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