I now have two part-time jobs, both as an ESL teacher.

Things don’t turn out the way you expect them to. The position I thought I wanted turned out to be one I ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY DO NOT WANT, while the interview that I came thisclose to not going to turned out to be for a position that I now really, really want (and hope I’ll get… have to wait till tomorrow!).

The interview position that I thought I really wanted took place in a dark and dank smelling building. Every instinct in my stomach and gut twisted in rubber octopus knots and screeched “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE, YOU DON’T WANT TO BE HERE.” The interview was conducted interrogation-style across a long narrow table, me sitting at one end, the three in charge-folks sitting at the other end. It was an interview I totally bombed. At one point, I was asked whether I was task-oriented or relationship-oriented. I replied that I didn’t really believe in strict categories but I guessed that I was relationship-oriented (although I also liked to do tasks, I added). The person who asked me got really defensive… maybe they thought I was criticizing? Oh, dear. I feel kind of bad because my friend set it up for me, so I secretly hope I don’t get it… it’ll certainly make things easier.

The funny thing is even though I got lost about 8 times trying to get to my interview this morning (the first one so far in Clackamas), and I came thisclose to not showing up at all and just doing this completely rude bail-out, once I found the place it ended up being the best interview I’ve had so far (or at least, I think so… but then again I’m terrible at judging these things). Even though I would have to bike across several terrifying freeways to get there, and it’ll take me a while to actually figure out how to get there (I still got lost trying to find my back back), I hope I get this one, because it’s a) close and b) more importantly I think I’ll like the people who work there. You never can tell, I guess. But anyway. Guess I’ll know by Friday. There’s a leetle bit of a time conflict with the ESL jobs, which start at 6, but the lady who interviewed me knew both the contacts at the school, so maybe if she really wants me she’ll help me ask for the ESL classes to be pushed back to 6:15 or 6:30pm? Otherwise I’m going to have a hell of a time. Or at least a decision to make. Ugh.

The fun thing about funemployment (though I guess that starting Monday the “fun” will be gone, leaving “employment”–ha!) is getting to be a mad hardcore biker and exploring all these crazy new neighborhoods in Portland. I never thought I’d be riding around in places like SE 174th and Powell or SE 92nd and Harold, but there you go.

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