I just printed out 984389238402 maps in order to help myself figure out how to navigate around my strange new neighborhood of Milwaukie, especially to and from interview sites.

To-do today: turn in mushroom info poster/sheet to Jungal Tours, trip to market to pick up last minute gifts, and then maybe if we´re ambitious (probably not) a trip to the dentist. Home to pack up the stray things lying around the house, such as toothbrush, pajama pants, etc. Then we need to set the alarm for 4AM in order to be at the airport two hours in advance for our flight (6.45 AM = FAIL)

I´m afraid of going back to the States. I´m afraid of having no health care and media saturation. Well, we have a return ticket in January, I guess.

The thunderous African music orchestra playing on the screen behind me has had the extra effect of making me especially jumpy and jittery.

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One response to “LAST DAY IN QUITO!

  1. Elyssa

    These to-do posts make me jittery and jumpy, and I don’t even have to-do any of it.

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