interesting passage from "war and peace"

“What have you attained with the guidance of the intellect alone? What are you? You are young, you are wealthy, you are cultured, sir. What have you made of all the blessings vouchsafed you? Are you satisfied with yourself and your life?’

‘No, I hate my life,’ said Pierre, frowning.

‘You hate it, then change it, purify yourself, and as you are purified, you will come to know wisdom. Look at your life sir. How have you been spending it? In rioutous orgies and debauchery, taking everything from society and giving nothing in return. You have received wealth. How have you used it? What have you done for your neighbors? Have you given a thought to the tens of thousands of your slaves…No. You have profited by their toil to lead a dissipated life. that’s what you have done. Have you chosen to taken part in the service where you might be of use to your neighbor? No. You have spent your life in idleness…There is no wisdom in all that, sir.’”

[courtesey of elyssa!]

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  1. Elyssa

    Ha ha, I can relate to this, except the part of the thousands of slaves, unless you read slaves metaphorically of course…

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