that was a ridiculously long work session. definitely a record. it was worth it, because the result is 18 pages 1.5 spaced! and a lot of it’s good writing too! more again tonight. and it’s going to be for the scary books i’ve been avoiding, too. well, now is the time for sleep.

but briefly, here are some of the thoughts running through my head these days, which basically involve me sitting at the living room table literally all day, scrounging carrots, celery and chocolate, while impressing my housemates with my prodigious amounts of books:
– man, the life of an academic intelectual is hard. so monkish. so committed. you’ve just locked away all day in hermetic isolation, you and your brain and your books. thinking great thoughts, writing great things. yep.
– i wonder where my spring break went to. i know that it pretty much broke my brain
– this week is going to hurt (thought every day since march 14th)
– hey! I actually really like this topic! this is actually really interesting, and i am really a pretty good writer! man, I wish I’d worked on this more during the school year.
– man, i really wish i’d read blanchot earlier. like, in november when my advisor told me to. it would have made my life a tad easier.
– i wish i could go to the beach/bar/party/resteraunt with corey and his visiting cousin from new orleans, but i can’t because i-have-to-work-on-my-thesis-i-havetowork-onmythesis ihavetoworkonmythesis ihahiiihjihtttthhhhshshshshssi
– SLEEP is for the weak! RARWR! (only last night; before then i was getting up at 11am every day and going to bed at midnight)
– i don’t like how i’ve somehow regressed to the stage where the lakers not winning makes me annoyed
– i wish i could stop grinding my teeth; my jaw hurts
– I had no idea that there was a difference between a headache and a brainache, but there is!

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