yeah, what he says

This basically sums up my feelings. Quantity over quality, myth-making, not sticking to its actual mission. Basically the main reason why the Peace Corps appeals to me now is that there’s a possibility I’ll get placed in an interesting volunteer position that will be paid. Sigh……

I want to go abroad, but I also want to be useful. I’ve had the whole “getting more than what I give” experience; I actually want to feel like I can contribute in a meaningful, important way (while also obviously remaining realistic about the whole “making a difference” idealism).

My sister told me something helpful yesterday, about how we’re not born leaders, but we become leaders through experience. “We learn when and how to put our leader hats on.” We get better at it through time.

I’m also wondering should I cough up the dough for a TEFL certificate? Or do I stick with the cheapie website made by hippie backpackers?

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